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Screenshot: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo


TikTok has become the fastest way to grow it with a good choreographic dance routine. The platform makes it easy to create and share fun videos, But as we’ve discovered on every social network to date, it’s not the safest place for kids. Lego wants new video Experience being a kid-friendly alternative to TikTok – instead of giving kids the ability to star in dance videos with his friends, Made lego mini figures stars of the show.

Lego remains a popular toy brand among children for about 90 ybut a big part of its success has been in finding ways to stay relevant. In 1999 company released first Star warsthemed sets, and then, he did a lot It’s a profitable decision to build sets based on popular licenses like Harry Potter and Marvel Comics. Lego has also successfully adopted video games and in recent years has recognized that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are a big part of a modern kid. childhood with Lego sets that bridge the physical and digital game worlds. These sets are the company’s Hidden Side line and recently collaboration with Nintendo Lego Super Mario.

But unlike Lego Super Mario, The goal is to use physical Lego bricks to create a playable game. Super Mario Brothers. At the real-life video game level, Lego Vidiyo focuses more on the digital side of the game, using augmented reality to bring a collection of new Lego minifigures and accessories into an app that simplifies the music video.making process.

When the line officially opens on March 1, there will be six $ 20 BeatBoxes on the physical side of Lego Vidiyo. Real small plastic boxes you can build to store and display your collection. Boxes a Lego minifigure representing a particular genre of music, a special ‘crawl The scene a smartphone or tablet camera uses to bring these toys into practice ”and Lego calls the BeatBits, which provides access to special effects, dance moves, and filters.




It’s not immediately clear what each BeatBits track does, but it doesn’t take long to find out which music video effect they trigger.
Photo: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

BeatBits are mostly distributed randomly on BeatBoxes sets (each contains two that specifically match the musical style), and Lego promises 130 will be on sale during the first year. YYou can choose which BeatBoxes to buy that suit your music preferences or style and The Vidiyo lineup also includes 12 additional Bandmate minifigures that can be collected in blind bags for only $ 5.

Except this Lego Minifigure collections and collectible Lego Super Mario baddies come in real plastic bags. Random Vidiyo Bandmates comes in small boxes for collectors to squeeze and feel the pieces to figure out which character is secretly inside, so finding 12 can be expensive. The excitement of opening the blind bag does not outweigh the frustration of ending up with five of the same minifigures, and I would love for Lego to abandon that approach altogether.


With only 30 tracks available from the Universal Music Group library, Lego Vidiyo feels a bit overwhelming at launch.


With only about 30 tracks available from the Universal Music Group library, Lego Vidiyo feels a bit overwhelming at launch.
Screenshot: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

Vidiyo application has two aspects: a social media-like feed that includes short music videos filmed and shared by other creators and creating real music videos, It starts with choosing a song. Lego Vidiyo has made a big deal to partner with Universal Music Group for the experience, but there will be about 30 tracks to choose from at launch, Including newer hits from Taylor Swift and The Weeknd, and Classic jams like MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.”

This is a insufficient choicebut Lego promised constant updates to the app, hopefully the music library It will be greatly expanded in the coming months.

After selecting a track, Vidiyo app lets you scan your chosen Bandmate and at least three BeatBit tiles using a small scene that comes with the BeatBoxes. An easy enough process, but I found this when there wasn’t enough light, the app was unable to identify all the BeatBit tiles I chose from time to time – this could potentially disappoint a child who hasn’t experienced it augmented reality technology.

Video It’s like being in the control room during a live stage performance of a song. Scanned minifigures, including additional artists, appear in the real world as seen by a device’s camera using augmented reality, while their movements and dance moves are synchronized with the music pthe reason the selection of parts available is so limited and additional dance moves, video filters and special effects, such as falling balloons, pyrotechnics, costume changes It can be triggered by pressing the BeatBits box on either side of the screen.

It’s more about performance than anything because There are no editing capabilities in the Lego Vidiyo app, and Lego has no plans to add them. If you don’t like your newly created music video after watching it, there is nothing you can do to change it except to get it from scratch.

The simplicity of Lego Vidiyo mAkes he an experience directed towards children—Lego 7- proposes Ideal users for 10 year olds—and old fans of the production toy won’t find much innovation or replay value after a few music videos.conducting sessions. But if you have kids at home that seem to be heading towards you Apps like TikTok, despite your attempts to banish them, Lego Vidiyo can be a safe alternative. Not only is the app full of picture alerts designed to keep kids out of danger while filming, but Lego manages all the music clips and content shared on the Vidiyo social stream completely to make sure it’s safe for kids and free. Any identifying details or information that could endanger a child’s privacy.

I can’t see that I often return to Vidiyo app or try to find every last minifigure in the new collection, but there is a 5– my year old who has few devotees so far clock (yes, I know, but last year but rewritten the screen rules in our home) trying to be the next Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry. Vidiyo probably won’t be AFOL’s (adult Lego fan) next obsession, but keeping the little ones away from you can be a huge distraction. 800 Millennium Falcon.